Released "Mint", a service for IPs, top creators, and high brands to quickly and easily build NFT stores that match their unique brand image.

Apr 5, 2021

Kyuzan announces the April 5, 2021 release of Mint, a service for businesses to quickly and easily open their own NFT stores.

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Large IP content holders, high brands, and top creators do not want their NFTs to be lumped in with other works in the marketplace. With Mint, the initial costs and development time that would have otherwise been incurred can be significantly reduced. Mint aims to be the NFT version of Shopify and BASE.


Mint's 3 Features

■ Support for opening an original NFT store to express your brand

An original NFT store allows you to express your brand's images. The more a company has a strong brand, the more Mint can help increase the value of its NFT.

■ Quickly and easily open an NFT store

Mint offers a monthly fee system that allows you to open your own NFT store with much lower initial costs and development time.

■ The best NFT buying experience for users

By letting Mint build the complex and cumbersome NFT store infrastructure, you can focus on providing an enjoyable and easy-to-use NFT buying experience.


Background of Mint

■ About Kyuzan

Kyuzan has been planning and developing its own services using NFT since its inception in April 2018. EGGRYPTO, the "world's easiest to play" blockchain game developed in collaboration with GameWith, Inc. is now one of the services with the largest number of active users in the world. We have also been developing our own NFT marketplace and blockchain development tools and infrastructure, utilizing our technology and expertise in operating services that are actually used by many users on the public blockchain.

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■ NFTの成長

The NFT market has grown steadily over the past two years since the birth of CryptoKitties, and with the advent of various development tools and marketplaces, it has become easy for any individual to issue and trade NFTs. As a result, individual creators and large IPs have recently started offering attractive NFT content, and the number of users who want to purchase such NFTs has increased rapidly, resulting in rapid market growth. Against this backdrop, it has become increasingly important for new NFT publishers to decide what kind of content to sell, to whom, and in what form, in order to enhance the value of their NFTs.

■ Existing Marketplace Issues

However, existing NFT marketplaces have the problem that a variety of NFTs are lined up side by side, making it impossible for large IP holders, high brands, and top creators to deliver NFT content to users while expressing their unique brand worldview. In addition, in order to build their own original NFTs and stores that can express the brand's worldview, the cost of implementing blockchain technology and back-office costs such as legal and accounting are very high.

■ Mint's Role

Kyuzan has therefore released Mint, a service that solves this issue by allowing users to express their own brand worldview and quickly and easily build original NFTs and their stores. Companies such as large IP content holders, top creators, and high brands can focus on the user experience of their NFT content and stores by letting Mint handle the complexities of implementing and operating blockchain technology. They can also monitor their NFTs post-issuance by centrally managing their own NFTs traded in various marketplaces.

How & When to use Mint

■ Mint SDK

Mint provides blockchain and back-end solutions through the Mint SDK. Companies that inquire and sign up will be issued an API KEY, which will allow them to develop front-end solutions using the Mint SDK. Using the Mint SKD, you can concisely implement the elements necessary to build an NFT store, such as connecting the user's wallet to the NFT store, retrieving a list of NFTs being auctioned for sale, bidding on NFTs, and retrieving NFTs bid on and owned by users.

■ Dashboard

NFTs can be issued and managed via the dashboard. Reports on NFT transactions and sales can also be viewed from the dashboard. Some features are currently under development, but Mint customers will have access to all of the features as they are further developed and expanded.


■ Standard Plan

- Monthly Fee:7万円

- Transaction Fee:10%

- Initial Setup:20万円

■ Flexible Plan

Please contact us for more information. We offer flexible rates based on the size of the business and number of store openings.


Mint SDK's UseCase

■ CryptoArt Experiment

CryptoArt Experiment is a website selling Rhizomatiks' CryptoArt. The site was jointly developed with Rhizomatiks as the front-end and Kyuzan as the blockchain back-end. In doing so, MintSDK was introduced on a trial basis for client development, and Mint SDK was brushed up through repeated trial and error.


Call for Mint Ecosystem Partners

Mint is looking for a wide range of ecosystem partners with whom we can collaborate to further improve the convenience of NFT utilization. - Content holders, creators, manufacturers, and other businesses considering NFT utilization - Crypto asset exchanges - Application and service providers utilizing NFT - Blockchain network, second layer, wallet providers, etc., please feel free to contact us.